The 17 Best Barbie Movie Outfits For You To Recreate

Unless you are living in a really dark cave, you surely have heard all about the brand new Barbie Movie and seen its dozens of looks all over your Instagram feed. Whatever your style is, you can’t deny all the impact of these outfits in pop culture and fashion, and, what we can guarantee you, is that the new vintage barbiecore will continue to show its face on the runways and streets in the next months.

If you’re a crazy Barbie fan like me, you are certainly bouncing off the walls to recreate your favorite looks, no matter if it’s to wear when going out with your friends or to be the best dressed on a Halloween party. Therefore, I have gathered some Amazon finds similar to the outfits to help you become the new coolest Barbie in town. Here’s Glanity’s list of the 17 best Barbie Movie outfits, ranked.

1. Original Barbie

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Nothing better than starting with the only and one original Barbie, straight from 1959, when the first doll was introduced. With her black and white striped swimsuit, classically shaped white sunglasses, and black high heels, this Barbie is the definition of vintage and the embodiment of the 50’s style. Meticulously, she gets the best out of jewelry and makeup, wearing gold hoop earrings and a remarkable red lipstick.

Ekouaer Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Swimsuit

Kimorn Cat Eye Sunglasses

CAMSSOO Women’s Platform Sandals

Lucky Brand Gold Hoop Earrings

Maybelline New York Red Lipstick

2. Barbie’s Pink Sundress

Photo: Jaap Buitendijk

To start her Perfect Day, Barbie couldn’t have made a better decision than a baby pink gingham sundress. Fresh and comfortable as it looks, this is the perfect dress to wear on a hot summer day or as soon as the flowers start blooming, in spring. To fully complete her look, Barbie chose a beautiful set of flowers earrings and necklace, and stiletto heels in baby pink, to match her dress.

Women Vintage 1950s Pink Gingham Dress

Dream Pairs Women’s High Heels

JWICOS Floral Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Ivory Peach Floral Necklace and Earrings

3. Barbie’s Yellow Dress

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

As hard as it is to believe, Barbie’s wardrobe isn’t all pink. The iconic doll knows how to wear other colors, and nothing could prove it better than this beautiful yellow dress. With amazing white platform sandals, she managed to create the perfect summer look, ideal to wear on a beach trip or on a Sunday brunch.

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

I couldn’t fail to mention Barbie’s beautiful, delicate, and feminine gold heart necklace that complements her yellow dress perfectly.

 Women’s Cap-Sleeve Faux-Wrap Dress

MakeMeChic Summer Maxi Dress

Dream Pairs Platform High Heels

Dream Pairs Platform High Heels

Round Heart Pendant Necklace For Women

Heart Pendant Necklace For Women

4. President Barbie

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

I don’t usually talk about politics in this blog, but we want you to know that, in the next elections, I’m voting Barbie for president. With a gorgeous pink off-shoulder dress with gold flakes, a luxurious gold necklace, and, of course, her presidential sash, we know this Barbie can rule the world (and you could definitely rule your birthday party)!

Adrianna Papell Off The Shoulder Dress

Dress the Population Women’s Midi Dress

Alex Evenings Women’s Long Dress

Elegant Necklace and Earrings Set

Pink DIY Blank Satin Sash

5. Disco Barbie

Photo: Jaap Buitendijk

Yes, Barbie has a lot of skills, and dancing is one of them. With a sparkling silver jumpsuit and alluring gold heels, the doll is the living proof that these two colors can work wonderfully together. Plus, Barbie knows that she is the star of the night, and Ken, with his white jumpsuit, is there just to match her looks.

Dress the Population Women’s Jumpsuit

Vince Camuto Metallic Jumpsuit

AMBELIGHT High Heel Pumps Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Low Heel Pump Shoes

6. Barbie’s Pink Beret

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Nothing is better than this scene to represent us on our way to watch the Barbie Movie. With a beautiful pink puff-sleeved buttoned dress and a beret along with her side braid, this Barbie is the definition of a Parisian look. Complementing her look flawlessly, the doll’s baby pink pearl earrings are the most lovable thing we’ve seen today.

Allegra K Retro Dress For Women

BGSD Women’s Wool Shawl Collar Walking Coat

Gllutt Women Wool Beret Hat French Style

Light Pink Jumbo Bow Clip

Sterling Silver Pink Pearl Earrings 

7. Barbie’s Heart Dress

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Barbie’s white and blue heart dress is the embodiment of minimalism and elegance. Alongside chic white high heels and a blue hair band, it is a perfect outfit to wear for an event on a hot summer day, whether it’s a lunch at a coastal restaurant or a brunch at your friend’s house.

ECOWISH Floral Women’s Dress

DREAM PAIRS Women’s High Heels

Women’s Stiletto High Heel 

Navy Leather Like Headband

8. Cowgirl Barbie

Photo: Warner Bros

Straight from the U.S. western, Barbie’s all-pink outfit includes a spectacular star-covered flare pants and a buttoned crop-top, making the doll look flawless. Along with Ken, she wears a pink scarf and a white hat and cowboy boots to fully complete her look.

SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Denim Pants

Allegra K Holographic Crop Top

Pasuot Rhinestone Cowboy Boots

Zodaca Felt Cowboy Hat

SATINIOR Satin Ribbon Scarf

9. Sailor Barbie

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Even in chaos (flat feet), Barbie has proved that she can still come up with the best outfits ever. With off-white shorts and a V-neck blue and off-white crop top, the doll was able to create the perfect old money outfit. Along with the clothes, she opted for blue earrings, a beautiful summer bracelet, and sunglasses.

Women’s Sleeveless Collar Crop Top

Women’s Sleeveless Collar Crop Top

Cuihur Women’s Jeans Shorts

Summer Earrings for Women

BaubleStar Dangle Earrings for Women

LKXHarleya Women Porcelain Beads Bracelet

VANLINKER Small Trendy Skinny Cat Eye Sunglasses

10. Barbie’s Blue Dress

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Beauty and Brains? With one of her most elegant looks, Barbie looks like she just got into one of the Ivy League universities. Designed with Yale’s dark azure, her collared dress is definitely the epitome of classiness, and the doll’s white earrings and white hair bow make the outfit even more perfect.

Allegra K Women’s Long Sleeve Dress

Allegra K Women’s Vintage Dress

Hollow Round Dangle Earrings

Large White Hair Bow Clips

11. Sporty Barbie

Photo: The Image Direct

Maybe one of the most seen outfits, Barbie’s and Ken’s sporty looks are more than perfect. In beautiful, vivid neon colors, these outfits are the ultimate choice for your everyday physical activities, whether it is roller skating or a 30-minute run.

RELLECIGA Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

Women’s Active Sculpt High Rise Biker Shorts

SweatyRocks Women’s Bike Shorts

Pink Colored Summer Visor

12. Barbie’s Pajamas

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

As knowledgeable as she is, Barbie knows that adequate sleep is one of the most fundamental factors when the subject is maintaining good health. Really good nights of sleep: this is what the doll’s pajamas are for. Fresh and comfortable, this baby pink buttoned shirt and pink shorts are the secret key for an awesome beauty sleep. Sweet dreams!

HEARTNICE Pajamas for Women

WDIRARA Women’s Satin Sleepwear

13. Barbie’s Winter Outfit

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Barbie and Ken have lived numerous adventures together and, of course, they’ve been to a glacier. While riding a pink snowmobile, the couple are wearing baby pink jumpsuits with furry white boots, composing the ultimate après-ski outfit.

RIUIYELE One Pieces Pink Ski Suit

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

ZSGYCHCY Faux Fur Boots

Ellie Shoes Women’s 500-fuzz Chelsea Boot

14. Barbie’s Camping Outfit

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Proving that she looks perfect in red, Barbie chose the perfect red and white outfit for camping with Ken. With red Capri jeans, a button-up white shirt, wedge sandals, and a red hair scarf, she is more than ready to enjoy the weekend.

Women’s Classic-Fit Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

Hybrid Women’s Hyper Stretch Denim Capri Jeans

Square Red Bandanas for Women

Aituis Platform Wedge Sandals

VICKI·VICKI Women’s Platform Sandals

15. Barbie’s Nautical Look

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

In this romantic date with Ken in the middle of the sea, Barbie chose to wear a pink captain hat and a striped pink and white long sleeved shirt. And, once again, Barbie has proved us that she can do a million things, including sailing.

Ladiyo Women’s Long Sleeve T Shirt

BESTOYARD Captain Costume Hat

16. Barbie’s Plaid Outfit

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

While riding a bike together, Barbie and Ken combine beautiful plaid outfits. With brown shorts, plaid button-up shirts, brown boots, and pink sweaters draped over their shoulders, the couple look as stunning as the tulip garden.

NUOREEL Casual Plaid Long Sleeve Shirts

Veatzaer Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt

WDIRARA High Waisted Denim Shorts

Cotton Long-Sleeve V-Neck Sweater

Soda Reno Western Cowboy Boots

DREAM PAIRS Knee High Boots

17. Astronaut Barbie

Photo: Warner Bros./YouTube

Yes, Barbie has been to a thousand places, and of course, outer space is one of them. Wearing a traditional astronaut suit with brown boots and gloves, Barbie knows that she is the brightest star in the universe.

BELLIKEY Women Astronaut Costume

ISHISBEB Winter Leather Gloves for Women

BEARPAW Women’s Slip On Boots

You’ve reached the end of the post. Thanks for reading!

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