27 Adidas Samba Outfits You Need To Try Right Now

The Adidas Samba has clearly made its mark in the fashion world in the past months. Some people are even saying they were the most worn sneakers in 2023. And I should tell you: they will probably be the most worn sneakers in 2024 too. According to databutmakeitfashion’s Instagram post, the popularity of Adidas Samba increased by 60% last month.

Classic, stylish, and versatile, these sneakers can be worn with a variety of outfits, and they can absolutely elevate all of them. So, of course, many celebrities are taking advantage of that. You might have already seen the Adidas Samba being worn gracefully by style icons such as Bella Hadid and Madison Beer.

Bella Hadid. Photo: Pinterest
Madison Beer. Photo: Pinterest

These sneakers are truly a must-have, and I believe you should definitely consider getting them! Whether you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe with some new shoes or simply want a go-to sneaker that pairs well with everything, this post (and, of course, the Adidas Samba) is perfect for you. I’ve curated outfits for every occasion to inspire you and help you totally rock these shoes!

1. With a Jeans Skirt and a Blazer

I absolutely love how this outfit mixes business casual and playfulness. While the blazer and the earrings bring a formal aspect to the outfit, the Adidas Samba along with the black cap and the crew socks make it more playful. Plus, the iconic Saint Laurent T-shirt embraces sophistication and the denim skirt brings authenticity to the look.

Photo: Pinterest

Black Adidas Samba OG Women’s

2. With Dark Jeans and a Sweater

I love this outfit because it’s very comfortable yet looks incredibly chic. It combines a simple cream-colored sweater with dark jeans, resulting in a classy look that’s made more authentic by the addition of the Samba sneakers.

Photo: Pinterest

White Adidas Samba OG Women’s

3. With Jeans Shorts and a Cardigan

Simple and graceful, this Adidas Samba outfit is perfect for summer. The red-striped Adidas Samba complements the delicateness of the cardigan and the authenticity of the denim, creating a gorgeous look.

Photo: Pinterest

White and Red Adidas Samba OG Women’s

4. With Short Denim Overalls

This outfit is so cute! The combination of the green Adidas Samba with the short denim overalls and a white top makes this beautiful outfit very simple and casual.

Photo: @madelinelikesclothes on Instagram

Silver Green Adidas Samba OG Women’s

5. With a Trench Coat

Super cool, casual, and comfortable, this outfit has become a desire of mine. Drawn to a business casual style, it combines the Adidas Samba with comfortable grey sweatpants, a long black trench coat, and sunglasses, resulting in an absolutely fashionable and stylish ensemble.

Photo: Pinterest

6. With an All-Black Outfit

I love how this outfit screams elegance and style. We all know that these aspects are inherent in black turtlenecks, and when this piece is combined with a black mini skirt and navy blue Adidas Samba sneakers, the result is absolutely stunning and fashionable. Plus, the addition of the bag, gold earrings, and sunglasses elevate the chic factor of this outfit even further.

Photo: Pinterest

7. With a Tailored Skirt and a Button-Up

I love how this outfit plays with various elements to create a unique look. While the tailored skirt adds a youthful touch, the button-up shirt brings formality to the composition. Additionally, the Adidas Samba sneakers embrace sportiness, while the aviator sunglasses add a vintage touch to the overall look.

Photo: Pinterest

8. With a Black Turtleneck

This outfit is the epitome of quiet luxury as it embraces chicness and is very subtle. The Adidas Samba proves, one more time, its classic and versatile qualities, beautifully complementing the black turtleneck sweater and off-white pants. The addition of the belt and sunglasses adds a sense of sophistication to the overall look.

Photo: Pinterest

9. With a Tailored Skirt and a Leather Jacket

Of course, these sneakers can also go with a preppy outfit! The mix of the navy blue sweater, the tailored skirt, and the leather jacket is embraced by the classic and, at the same time, timeless, aspect of the Adidas Samba. Furthermore, the hairband and the pantyhose add an even more sophisticated look to the outfit, while the sunglasses and the bag go with the sneakers to embrace playfulness and authenticity.

Photo: Pinterest

10. With a Tailored Skirt and a Blazer

This outfit mixes preppy style with business casual and streetstyle and I absolutely love it. Although the tailored skirt, the buttoned shirt, and the blazer all remind us of the formal business scenario, the way they are put together resembles the preppy style. Additionally, the sunglasses and the Adidas Samba evoke the style that is so commonly seen on the streets. The gold details in the belt, bag, and jewelry add a touch of elegance to this look.

Photo: Pinterest

11. With a Midi Bodycon Dress

Emily Ratajkowski has just proven that the Adidas Samba can also go well with a good dress. By combining the sneakers with a midi, neutral, and well fitted dress, the model created a modern and sophisticated ensemble. Plus, the glasses and the tote bag add a refined touch to the overall look.

Photo: Pinterest

12. With Your Gym Outfit

As you may know, the Adidas Samba were primarily designed as a sports sneaker. So, why not honor its origins and wear it with your workout outfit? Stylish, modern, and sporty, this touch will make your outfit look flawless.

Photo: Pinterest

13. With a Tennis Outfit

If you want to go further on the athletic approach, you can also try the Adidas Samba with a tennis outfit. With this stunning sporty look, you will definitely own both the court and the streets!

Photo: Pinterest

14. White a Black Skirt and a White T-Shirt

Simple and fun, this it-girl outfit embraces coolness and style. All the elements, from the white t-shirt and black skirt to the Sambas, bag, and sunglasses, complement each other perfectly, creating a trendy and urban look.

Photo: Pinterest

15. With Black Jeans and a Sweater

Perfect for those cold and chilly days, this Scandinavian outfit embraces the casual and comfortable aspects of this style. The Adidas Samba pairs seamlessly with the dark wide-leg jeans and the grey sweater, resulting in a stylish ensemble.

Photo: Pinterest

16. With Tailored Shorts and a Button-Up

This chic outfit screams richness and style. It mixes the business casual look of the buttoned shirt and tailored shorts with the authenticity and the playfulness of the Adidas Samba, resulting in a unique beautiful ensemble.

Photo: Pinterest

17. With a Red Leather Jacket

This stunning outfit makes its two main pieces — the red leather jacket and the Adidas Samba sneakers — really stand out and go super well together. I love how it looks effortless and fashionable.

Photo: Pinterest

18. With a Midi Jeans Skirt

I love this outfit because it is simple and casual and, at the same time, very stylish. The ripped detail in the midi jeans skirt goes super well with and, in fact, enhances, the Adidas Samba, adding an easygoing and fashion-foward touch to the look.

Photo: Pinterest

19. With Leggings and a Sweater

Do you know those lazy days when you just want to wear the most comfy outfit in your wardrobe? The Adidas Samba can go super well with black leggings and your favorite hoodie so you can feel comfortable and stylish.

Photo: Pinterest

20. With a Satin Skirt and a Sweater

I absolutely love how the mix of textures and styles with the satin skirt and the cotton hoodie makes this outfit very fun and authentic. As we can see, the Adidas Samba embraces this vibe, adding a playful touch to the ensemble.

Photo: Pinterest

21. With Jeans Shorts

This simple and beautiful outfit is perfect for those hot summer days when you just want to go around the city and enjoy the weather. Whether you’re going for a walk or riding a bike, the Adidas Samba is definitely a good shoe choice to make!

Photo: Pinterest

22. With an Oversized T-Shirt

Bella Hadid’s oversized sporty T-shirt and knee-high socks embrace the athletic and chill aspects of the Adidas Samba. This outfit looks absolutely stylish, and, if you’re drawn to it, you should definitely give it a try!

Photo: Pinterest

23. With White Pants and a Sweater

I love how this outfit is chic at the same time that it is delicate and minimalistic. The light and cool colors contribute to this calm vibe, while the Adidas Samba add authenticity to the overall look.

Photo: Pinterest

24. With Jeans a Leather Jacket

I absolutely love how this day-to-day outfit featuring the Adidas Samba is super simple, yet stylish. It’s definitely a go-to look!

Photo: Pinterest

25. With a Tube Top

Casual and fashionable, this outfit is perfect for a lunch date. The Adidas Samba pairs effortlessly with the black tube top and mom jeans, exuding style, while the watch and sunglasses add an elegant touch to the overall look.

Photo: Pinterest

26. With Grey Sweater and Jeans

Grey and burgundy can go very well together, and this outfit has just proven it to us. The burgundy Sambas combined with the lovely off-shoulder top and the grey jeans create a super pretty look.

Photo: Pinterest

27. With The Classic White T-Shirt + Jeans Combo

The iconicness of the Adidas Samba proves it can transform even the simplest outfit. Combine it with a white T-shirt and your favorite jeans and you’ll have a super cool and chill outfit!

Photo: Pinterest

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