Versace SS/2024 Proves That Quiet Luxury Is Here To Stay

Versace is undeniably one of the most influential brands in the contemporary fashion world. Therefore, its Milan Fashion Week show was highly anticipated. And, in fact, it did not disappoint us.

The concept of quiet luxury has been circulating for several months. However, some individuals harbor doubts concerning this trending aesthetic. It represents a fashion movement that centers around investing in high-quality minimalist clothing pieces, ones that can be deemed timeless. Essentially, it adheres to the philosophy of “quality over quantity.” Several celebrities have embraced this concept, including Jennifer Lawrence and Angela Bassett.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Getty Images
Angela Basset. Photo: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock

In contrast to last summer, which was extravagantly filled with neon colors, this year the brand has primarily opted for light and neutral colors, such as white and beige. It is evident that quiet luxury fashion has officially arrived and is here to stay, at least for the next few seasons. The simple yet chic pieces and accessories being worn by the models epitomize this aesthetic. Now, let’s delve into the fashion show.


It’s possible to observe an abundance of silk garments on Versace’s runway, a very wise choice by the brand. Silk is undeniably one of the finest fabrics to don during the summer and spring seasons. It embodies delicacy and freshness, and it is also revered as one of the most luxurious and chic materials. Silk is a truly unique textile, as it can simultaneously display fragility and flawlessness. When all these factors are combined, it solidifies this fabric as one of the primary elements of quiet luxury and Versace’s seasonal spectacle. The fashion show featured a plethora of silk dresses, shirts, skirts, and pants.

Look 3. Photo: Versace
Look 27. Photo: Versace
Look 47. Photo: Versace

One intriguing aspect was the abundance of silk menswear, which, until now, had been rather uncommon to encounter on the runways.

Look 5. Photo: Versace
Look 37. Photo: Versace
Look 71. Photo: Versace

Pastel Colors

As mentioned earlier, last year’s Versace Spring/Summer Fashion Show was awash with neon colors. Purple, pink, and yellow took center stage in Donatella’s creations. Well, this year, the brand has taken a different route. The Versace runway is now dominated by lighter shades, including baby blue, soft pink, pale yellow, and mint green.

Pastel colors, characterized as low-saturation hues with a high degree of whiteness, indeed possess a more soothing influence over the audience. A study conducted by California State University in 1992 delved into the relationship between lighter colors and anxiety levels. The research revealed that of 49 women and 17 men, 30 individuals scoring above the mean on an anxiety scale preferred significantly less saturated colors than 36 individuals scoring below the mean.

Pastel colors are an excellent choice for Versace’s designs, as they can evoke a profound sense of calmness and relaxation. Besides, they make it easy for the audience to understand the message clearly.

Look 24. Photo: Versace
Look 43. Photo: Versace
Look 59. Photo: Versace

Fly-Back To The 90s

Cher Horowitz would undeniably adore this fashion show. In addition to the pastel colors, there was a prominent presence of cropped and long blazers, skirts, and shorts. Many of these pieces featured plaid patterns, adding an even more explicit nod to the beloved 90s trend of plaid sets.

Look 44. Photo: Versace
Look 6. Photo: Versace
Look 28. Photo: Versace

Metallic Items

In the past few months, we’ve witnessed the resurgence of the metallic trend. From dresses to jackets and boots, shimmer and shine have taken center stage. Therefore, I highly recommend donning protective sunglasses, as Versace’s runway hasn’t held back on the brilliant silver, and there’s a real risk of being dazzled by it. The brand has primarily incorporated this color into footwear, including ballerina flats, bags, and even hair accessories.

Look 17. Photo: Versace
Look 32. Photo: Versace
Look 50. Photo: Versace

In addition to metallic accessories, the color was also featured prominently in dresses and shirts. Donatella truly demonstrated her ability to play with textures in her designs, resulting in an absolutely amazing effect.

Look 76. Photo: Versace
Look 72. Photo: Versace
Look 74. Photo: Versace

Contrasting Color

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the looks on the runway feature either pastel or neutral colors. However, it appears that Versace wanted to create a striking impact, and thus, they selected burgundy red as a contrasting color. We all know that red will forever hold its power. This color is linked to excitement and energy, as well as danger and warning, making it an excellent choice when the objective is to capture the public’s attention.

Look 12. Photo: Versace
Look 14. Photo: Versace
Look 13. Photo: Versace

Good Old Black

Whether it’s in movies or pictures, cavemen are often depicted wearing brownish clothes. Well, we may have our doubts about that. Jokes aside, it’s clear that black clothing has had a lasting presence throughout history. Surely, everyone has at least one black piece in their wardrobe. Black is a powerful color: it is understated yet commands a strong presence. Just as in the previous year, Versace has once again embraced this timeless hue, presenting a plethora of all-black ensembles. Amidst the stunning dresses, blazers, skirts, and more, we have yet to pick a favorite. Have you chosen yours?

Look 65. Photo: Versace
Look 70. Photo: Versace
Look 64. Photo: Versace


Bags are such an important element in the runways. They complete the compositions, adding a special charm to the looks. This year we could see a lot of options of bags types and colors in Versace’s runway. Whether you’re the party queen reigning over the night or preparing for a regular workday, this fashion show presented a stunning bag option for every occasion.

Look 58. Photo: Versace
Look 4. Photo: Versace
Look 42. Photo: Versace
Look 47. Photo: Versace
Look 23. Photo: Versace
Look 66. Photo: Versace

Jeans’ Little Comeback

I got a magnifying glass in our hand, but in the past couple Versace’s runways, I could barely see any jeans. Well, things have not changed much in this fashion show, but there were some jeans compositions that definitely caught my attention. All crafted in light blue denim, these pieces are exactly what I’m yearning to have in my closet right now.

Look 38. Photo: Versace
Look 39. Photo: Versace
Look 40. Photo: Versace

Transparent Shoes

Whether you embrace it or not, transparent shoes have made a striking appearance in Versace’s fashion show. The nearly invisible heels unquestionably contribute a distinct and modern flair to the overall look.

Look 74. Photo: Versace
Look 31. Photo: Versace
Look 75. Photo: Versace

Bow Details

While this might seem like a minor detail, the bow accents on the shoes and hair accessories managed to captivate our attention. Bows are truly intriguing elements, and we believe they can be aligned with the quiet luxury aesthetic. These bow details may be small, yet they hold significant meaning as they infuse an air of elegance and softness into the compositions. Much like the quiet luxury philosophy itself – it’s not about being bigger, more extravagant, or more flamboyant, but about making a meaningful difference.

Look 1. Photo: Versace
Look 24. Photo: Versace
Look 55. Photo: Versace

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